*  Preschool Program:

Children enrolled in our Early Preschool Program and Preschool Prep receive daily instruction in all basic skills. Some of these skills include Language Development, Social Skills, Motor Skills (Fine and Gross) and Music/Movement. They socially interact with the teachers as well as other children and are given the ability to choose the activities that they engage in.

The open classroom design gives the children the ability to move from one activity to the next with ease. Each week's lesson plan celebrates a different theme that will keep your child engaged and interested in the daily activities. This program gives children the solid learning foundation needed to progress into our Pre-K Program. The weekly lesson plans are filled with learning, arts & crafts and lots of fun!

Our Preschool Program is designed for children 3-4 years old and who are fully potty-trained and our Preschool Prep is designed for children 3-4 who are still potty-training.

* Pre-Kindergarten Program:

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed so that the students spend their days participating in a structured, yet fun curriculum. Some of the daily activities are reading, writing, math, motor skill development, language development, social skill development and physical activities.

Our school follows the guidelines of the local school district in order to ensure each child's readiness for Kindergarten entry. As with our other programs, the weekly lesson plans will have different themes while the basic structure will remain the same. Activities in the Pre-K program prepare your children for the school setting that they will encounter in Kindergarten.

The Pre-K Program is for children ages 4 years old, until Kindergarten entry.

* Before/After School Program:

This program is available for all children enrolled in elementary school.  The children in the Before & After School Program participate in age appropriate activities while at our center.  Children are given the opportunity to work on homework or participate in other activities provided here. We also offer homework help in our afternoon hours.

The Before/After School Program is for children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade.

We transport to the following schools:

Greenhurst * Sherman Elementary

* Ronald Reagan * Endeavor

Brown Bus will pickup & drop off:

 Parkridge * Idaho Arts Charter


Our team of dedicated Teachers come together each day to nurture and educate the children in our community.

We offer an open classroom design that allows the children to move about freely from one activity to the next. With gentle direction, the children can engage in many different things throughout the day. Our wide variety of age appropriate activities include (but are not limited to): creative art, science, dramatic play, manipulative toys, building block areas and a “quiet corner” for reading and relaxing. Each day is filled with love, education and fun!

Every teacher in our school plays a vital role in the care, supervision and education of the children we serve. Our teachers work as a team to make sure that every child has the best possible experience in our school. You may see your child interacting with any one of our Teachers as it is part of our company goal to connect with all of the children and families. Your child will always feel like part of our family here!


Every Teacher in our school has completed the requirements needed for Idaho Stars, has a complete background check done and is currently certified to perform CPR and First Aid if needed. 

Our weekly lesson plans are created with care and attention to detail as we help your children meet all of their developmental milestones.

The staff at Treehouse Kids Academy work together to make sure every day enriches your child's life. The teachers here are all highly educated in the field of Early Childhood Education and continue that education regularly.

We provide a warm and caring environment for the children which stimulates and encourages individual growth. Our teachers also offer the children the tools that are necessary in developing a positive self image, consideration for others and learning self control.

* Infant and Toddler Programs:

Children enrolled in our Infant and Toddler programs will be participating in the first stepping stone of our Early Childhood Education Programs. These programs are designed for children ages 6 weeks through 36 months. We will combine love, nurturing, sensory play, active stimulation and skill development in order to start building the educational foundation that children need.

Infants (ages 6 weeks through 12 months) will engage in sensory development, story time, bonding time with our Teachers and outside play time as well! Toddlers (ages 12 months through 24 months) will participate in a daily schedule that will include music, sensory activities, circle time, arts and crafts and outside play. Each day in the Infant and Toddler Programs we will work to create a loving, safe and fun environment!