Jessica S.,

My daughter went to Treehouse for about 3 or 4 years. I absolutely love all the staff!! Miss Mary really prepared my daughter well for kindergarten. She's now in top of her class!!! I miss taking her to Treehouse all the staff there really cared about her. I think i became spoiled by Treehouse when it comes to daycare centers and the one she's at now doesn't even come close. I keep counting down the months until she can get into the boys and girls club. THANK YOU TREEHOUSE FOR EVERYTHING!!!

Tanya P.,

My two children have attended Treehouse for 4 years. They love the people and the facility so much that I have a hard time getting them to LEAVE! How they act and speak to the other children and staff is a true testament to how wonderful the experience was for each of them. I am a teacher myself and have very high standards, and I would recommend Treehouse to both family and friends.

Mikki B.,

We transferred to this daycare when my son was 2 and daughter 6 month. I have loved this place and all the staff i have encountered. both my kids are clean, happy, and learning so much.


Ashlee A:

We love Treehouse! My kids have been attending for almost 3 years. We love the staff and Mary is absolutely amazing.

Jake S.,

Being in law enforcement has made me a very particular parent, especially when it comes to who I trust with my children. My wife and I spent quite a bit of time researching the options in our area and found that Treehouse offered everything we were looking for and a lot more. Not only are the staff kind and loving, but they provide a level of care that is a step above. I am notorious for stopping in unannounced to peek in on my kiddos, and I am always pleased to find them engaged and attended to.


Becky T.,

We love the staff! They are the best!

Kay Lee S.,

Our boys have been at Treehouse just over a year. We had them watched at home by family members until they were 1 and 2 1/2. We could tell they were ready for more stimulation, challenge, and social opportunities. Treehouse has been a great solution for that. We've seen advancement in their vocabulary every week. I was especially impressed when my 3 year learned how to communicate how he feels. He can now tell us when he's angry or sad, which significantly helps diffuse fits. He says he's happy and asks if we're all the time. My wish was to find a place where our kids could prepare emotionally, scholastically and socially for school, where they could make friends and truly be cared about. We have had that experience with Treehouse. We went through some teacher changes early on that made us nervous, but every teacher they've had seems to care about them and helps them develop in different ways. I see there are a lot of mixed reviews online about Treehouse, but I can tell you sincerely we have been very happy and are very grateful.

Jessica J.,

We really miss this place since moving to Boise!  We want the best for our baby boy and at Treehouse we definitely had it. His teachers were loving and genuine and we got excellent communication each day about how he ate and slept, and what he was learning.  My son was always clean and happy when I picked him up and the place is clean and smells nice. It is easy to see why Treehouse has grown so much in the last few years!  I just wish they could duplicate themselves in Boise!

Jessica J.,

We recently had the opportunity to visit Treehouse when our regular childcare closed. We were overjoyed to find a clean, welcoming environment with kind, friendly staff. And our kids were super excited about the amazing playgrounds. Definitely recommend!

Cami D.,

We love Treehouse! Clean, well managed facility, with caring staff, and great curriculum. My kids have loved their time at TKA. Zoo Phonics and engaging play has prepared my daughter for kindergarten.

A few of our families would like to share their experiences with you!

Grace N.,

Our family loves Treehouse! And if you've looked around the area, you already know that this preschool is in a class by itself. The classrooms and playground are HUGE and they've recently added a really great indoor playground. The program directors are very knowledgeable and accommodating; whenever I have a question or a concern, it is addressed quickly and effectively. Our kids are always happy and excited to show us what they've done and I am so pleased with how much they're learning!

Kayla B.,

My Son has attended since November and had a pretty rough adjustment as he has never been to daycare before and is an only child. They were very patient and help make his adjustment as easy as possible. He now LOVES daycare. He also listens better and his vocabulary has improved so much. Highly recommend them!